Imam Hadi’s lesson of power – “So many mighty men through the history…”

SHAFAQNA – Ali Ibn Muhammad al-Hadi was the tenth Imam of Islam. A man of restraint and piety, he, like his forefathers before him, faced incredible hardship as men sought to deny his truth, and legitimate authority in the name of greed.

Following is an account which was related by a gifted writer going under the name of Comet.

“Once during the time of Imam Hadi, the ruling tyrant: Motevakkel ordered his soldiers to bring our dear imam to his party by force if necessary to make him drink with them. The Imam declined and said “God witnesses that our blood has never been mingled with wine”. Motevakkel then asked him to sing. Imam Hadi excused himself and urged his company not to insist. As they did, the Imam then recited the following poem, offering wisdom to those empty hearts tyrants carry.


So many mighty men through the history

Built on this land palaces of glory

Leaning in comfort, in high grandeur

Filled their castles with endless luxury

Worrying their lives, so around the palace

Arrays of guardians, armed are placed

So that all those strong fulfilling outfits

Keep death away at the farthest distance

But the gloomy death arrived all of a sudden

Took the wicked immoral by a grab at the neck

They moved to the other side just like other men

Took nothing but their words and deeds in the end

Over-indulgent bodies of those tyrants

Embraced by the soil, out of all sights

Depressed by their dishonesty and vice

They are asked suddenly in such a loud voice

What happened to that pride and pompousness?

On the soil of grave you have laid your face!

Where did that conceit and vanity go missing?

That you became equal to a poor human being!

Where are all those jollities, games and funs?

Those faces, groomed, cosmetics and make-ups!

Angel of death shut your shameless stares

Soil of misery on your face in layers

Neither bed, nor comfort, jewelry or gem stones

Once silky faces, now invaded by worms

You passed too and left your belongings

Did you take accessories, except for grave clothes?!

One day the knot of the age will be untied

The mystery of dim night will be divulged

A dear is on the way, by his emersion

Every compass will point towards Mecca

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