Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (A.S.): Leader of the Youth of Paradise



A Calling for Jihad

I don’t know what I say for you, And by what I describe? So the human is not with his face an his body… But with his substance which Allah (s.w.) wanted as he gave him what gave him until He made him in a high rank which is proper with the honor and the worth …

So he is the master of Allah’s creatures on his earth by a condition that he “a human” must think well by what Allah (S) had given to him… And that is the reason which Allah (s.w) had ordered him while He created him to come so he came and to turn away he turned… You know very well what did He say to him after that…?

He said: by my glory and my loftiness I will penalize with you and also I will repay with you … .

O, people if it was really that you have believed with God, his prophet and his book by this reason and you have testified by that, so I am asking you now by what you believed with: what is the meaning of his saying (s.w.): “I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives”? (Holy Kor’an)

And what the meaning of his saying (s.w.) “Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O, people of the House! And to purify you a “thorough” purifying”

And what is the meaning of the prophets (s.) direction to you through the Ghadeer Kom homage…? didn’t he say “I would have let the two graves at you, the book of God (s.w.) and may line “My progeny” My family, as long as you have adhered by them, you will never get lost after me …”?

My heart almost to explode as volcano of a warm bloods… wasn’t Imam Hassan (s) one of the profitic family…? And of among the people whom the verses of the Allah’s book had focused to support them…?! And the prophet (s.) had ordered you to support them?!… thus where were these human minds while your Imam Al- Hassan the son of Ali (s.) has called you after the Umawian movements towards Iraq as he addressed you: That Allah had necessitated the holy war on his creatures… And he called it unwillingly… then He said to the jihad followers:

“Be patient truly Allah is with the for bearing people” o, people, you didn’t get what you wanted unless by the forbearing on what you have hated… so you go away to your camp in the Nukhaileh region in order to perceive we and you… and we to ….

Isn’t the imamate “leader ship” one of your religion fundamentals…?! Isn’t the yielding of it, the messenger’s yielding, and isn’t the massenger’s yielding, the yielding of Allah (s.w.)?! So where were your minds in front of your Imam Hassan’s (s) speech, when he has ordered you to go to the Nukhaileh camp…?! And what was engaging in your chests and was playing by your feelings and your senses…?! How are your minds didn’t percept Muáwia’s rumours and his propaganda’s… so “your minds” are befallen by the stupor and wrapped by the confusion until you faced your realy Imam with full coldness… so his calling for you for preparation for the battle… and to take on yourselves the struggle (jihad) responsibility by the acceptance… what minds are these! Who are submitted to the Umawain money instead of taking arms up standing by the right…?!

And through the multitude of those events, ray of expectation gleamed which scattered the Imam Hassan’s (A.S.) disappointment by people’s reality around him… and this is appeared in Udai the son of Haatem…, Kais the son of Saed…, Maekil the son of the Kais… and Zyad the son of Sa’sa’a At- Timeemi… All these have expressed of their keeping and faithfulness for their Imam Hassan (A.S.), so they supported him… and promised him to go forward in the right assistace and to face the oppression and the sedition…, also they raised their voices in front of the droopy crowds, reproached them… and instigated them to carry out with their missionary principalities …

So Imam Hassan (A.S.) became glad by them and commended on their true position as he said: You have said the truth, My God have compassion for you… I am still know you with the intention verity…, the faithfulness and the right cordiality… so Allah rewarded you well…
People perhaps returned to aid the just… and accept the standing by Islam… And that was Imam Hassan’s (A.S.) expectation of them… so He began to project the plans to lead the military divisions, and chose his cousin Ubaidul-lah the son of Al-Ab-bass to lead them… then he sent an army-head with him as avan to the army as he said to him: O, My cousin I am sending twelve thousands men, the Arab cavalry and the Kuran readers among them with you. The man of them exceed the battalion. So you lead them, and be soft with them, make your face delight for them…, be humble and modest to them… and take them as close your seat… so they are the princes of the believers (A.S.) trustworthiness remnant, go with them on along Euphrates river… then you go forword until you meet Muáwia’s Army by them… so if you met him take aware until I come to you, so I am imminent on the following of you… and your information May be at me every day… and don’t fight Muáwia’s army until they start you. So if they did then you fight them… and if it is happened that you wounded… so Kais the son of Saed on the army… then if he is also wounded so Saeed the son of Kais will take his place in charge of the army leading.

When the martial units took their garrisons in Meskan region on the dijail river in Iraq, Imam Hassan (A.S.) has moved on the head of rest army, so he encamped in Sabat Mudlim region near the Madaen…
And Said to the people addressing: O, people I am talking to you now… Are they your minds and your consciences which made you come together and compose an army in Nukaileh camp…? or those the reproof and the blame words which Udai the son of Haatem and the others of the insight people had addressed them to you…?! So that was clear on you while you were walking with sluggish steps… and weak morale’s… the feebleness and the dispersal come over you… Aren’t you precept that you disobey Allah (S.W) and you in such condition, while the cursed Muawia who states his disobedience for God… But his army obey him …

And in spite of all this… then some thing would happened which added yeast to the brew… and put out the hop’s ray at Imam Hassan’s (a.s.) face, so which disaster that changed the events’ course quickly in unexpected type… so the army leader attracted by the money… and he stood weakly infront of the seduction which steal into him through the darkness… so Imam Hassan’s (A.S.) army woke up while, they waited for their leader to pray the dawn prayer in front of the… suddenly they saw him among Muáwia’s army rows, and in this manner Mua’wia found that the nearst way for him to compel Imam Hassan (A.S.) to appoint him… It is the tendentious rumors publication among the army rows and people… and spending the seductive money to buy people’s consciences and their minds…

so after Ubaidul-lah the son of Al-Abbas the leader of Imam Hassan’s (A.S.) army became among Muáwia’s army rows…, Muawia’s caller raised his voice for Imam Hassan’s (A.S.) army addressing: This is your leader with us, already he has payed homage to us… so, for what you are killing your selves…? Then Mua’wia continued his frantic active…and, he wrote to some of the head of Kufa, He promised them by money… and the rule… Then some of them desired for that… and they wrote to him to hurry, and urged him to move towards them… and they insured to him, that they will extradite Imam Hassan (A.S.) to him or they will kill him… Then Imam Hassan (A.S.) knew by that, so he got ready untill he wore his armor through the prayer…

And after all these events… Imam Hassan has no alternative one of two choices.. either he defies death with his family and the intelligentsia people of his companions who will stand several hours in front of Mua’wia’s army… then after that the matter will return to Mua’wia… or He will pay homage to Mua’wia to protect the elements from the distortion, and to keep his followers from the extermination, and Islam from the extermination then the pre-Islam will return back again…
So Imam Hassan (A.S.) found him self is compelled on Mua’wia’s induction …
To devote one self to the communication among people after that… and teaching and directing them… perhaps their minds and their consciences respond to this science and the thinking of it and to do by it’s signification’s… But wouldn’t Mua’wia be content with the rule seat…?

and wouldn’t he desist from the noxious schemes weaving… and imposing on the people’s minds and their consciences by the impelling… ?!
Yes Mua’wia was restless until he has slipped the poison to Imam Hassan (A.S.) by his wife Jaudeh the daughter of Al-Ashaeth after he had entertained her by the desires.
And in this manner Mua’wia broke the peace, the pledges, and the convenants, and the last paper abated which was Mua’wia tried to covering him self with it in his pretension of the Islam.

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