How did Imam Hussain (AS) and his followers show the importance of Salaat in Karbala?

SHAFAQNA – On the noon of the Day of Ashura, Abu Thamamah told Imam Hussain (AS): O’ my Imam, it is noon, and I love to perform the last congregational prayer with you on time. Imam Hussain (AS) replied: O’ Abu Thamamah, may God place you among those who perform Salaat, as you reminded me to perform Salaat on time. A young man who was there, smiled and said: Are you joking? What is the point performing Salaat in this situation? Can’t you see, they are throwing bows and arrows from all sides? It is dangerous. As Imam Hussain (AS) was getting ready for Salaat, told him: Don’t you know what is this war for? When he heard these words from Imam Hussain (AS), he prepared himself for Salaat, and performed the last Salaat with Imam (AS). Just as the Salaat ended, that young man and Saeed ibn Abdullah, both fell on the ground, as tens of bows and arrows hit them. Imam Hussain (AS) came near young man’s body as he was breathing his last breath, and he told Imam (AS): I hope I have fulfilled my duty towards Salaat. He said this and closed his eyelids; truly he was martyred in the way of Salaat [1].

[1] Safinatel Behar, Vol. 1, Page 136.

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