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Imam Hussain Shrine and Sunni Muslim Endowment Bureau agreement on manuscript restoration

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SHAFAQNA- Imam Hussain: Imam Hussain Center for Manuscript Restoration for cross-fertilizing ideas and exchanging expertise has been recently visited by a delegation from a center for manuscript restoration, affiliated with the Sunni Muslim Endowment Bureau.

The director of Imam Hussain Center, Munaf EtTemeemi, said, “The visit aims to develop avenues of collaboration between the two centers and to sign a contract that serves the Iraqi manuscripts.”

EtTemeemi added that Imam Hussain Center will train the staff of the other center by conducting workshops on restoring and maintaining manuscripts.

Dr. Omer Hemeed Brad, director of the center affiliated with the Sunni Muslim Endowment Bureau, said, “We are surprised to see high-tech devices at Imam Hussain Center that our center lacks.”

“Touring the center, we have found professional staff working according to the international standards of manuscript restoration,” Brad added.

He then noted that there were a number of agreements to sign with Imam Hussain Center, indicating that the Sunni Muslim Endowment Bureau has many manuscripts that require restoration and maintenance, but they could not do that for not having the required tools.


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