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Imam Hussain shrine forms cultural connections with French embassy

SHAFAQNA – French Ambassador to Iraq Marc Barety has hailed the Supreme Religious Authority’s role for defending the human values and encouraging cultural and scientific cooperation and peaceful coexistence amongst all people.

This came in an official visit by the International Media of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to the French Embassy in Baghdad to form cultural connections with the European country.

Barety asserted, “The Supreme Religious Authority in Najaf and the Holy Shrines have played a vital role in protecting Iraq’s soil through their firm stance against terrorism,” underlining France’s willingness to support Iraq by all means in its war against ISIS.

From his part, head of International Media, Hassan Ali Kadhum, elucidated on the shrine’s media including its publications in various languages and its international activities that aim to disseminate the peaceful and humanitarian message of Imam Hussein to all parts of the world.

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