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Imam Hussain’s (AS) mission for awakening humanity (Part Four – Last Part)

SHAFAQNA – If we were all wise, could the situation be like it is now? If we all could act according to wisdom, would our situation be like this? If we could, everyone would be been comfortable, we could have a paradise. Currently most of us suffer from many problems; either personally, our friends or our relations.

Why is it that when someone’s child goes astray, he sits down and cry? Why does he cry? Because a blessing has been lost; the source of all these crying and weeping (for Imam Hussain (AS)) is that Omayyads and Marwanis took lots of blessings from us. If you see that our poets say: They beheaded the Chief Commander of Karbala (Imam Hussain (AS)) whilst he was thirsty; we cry for this.

Otherwise, Imam Hussain (AS) said: Now, it is not time for crying, do not cry. Crying has its appropriate time. When someone is left alone because of others oppression, then he cries, why does he cry? Because justice has been taken away from him; wisdom has been taken away from him. All of these crying and weeping are for the same reason. People weep for oppressed justice, they cry for oppressed wisdom and Imam Hussain (AS) was all that.

Translated from speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli in 2005.

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