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Imam Hussain’s (AS) mission for awakening humanity (Part One)

SHAFAQNA – Imam Hussain (AS) said: The one who thinks divinely, is Karbalaei. Imam (AS) said this in a wider sense; said it frequently in Mecca, wrote it in letters, explained about it in speeches. Ibn Abbas who is from the same family told Imam Hussain (AS): Don’t go, Iraq has a bad record. This is Kufa that did all that to your father and brother, Kufa has a bad historical record, don’t go to Kufa. Either stay in Mecca or if you say that they will assassin you in Mecca and the divine sanctuary will be disrespected, go to Yemen.
The Shias are in Yemen, although non-Shias are there as well but there are still Shias who are loyal to Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS). Imam Hussain (AS) replied: What are you saying Ibn Abbas? This is not about Yemen, Hijaz or Iraq; this is about being near God, our home is there. Ibn Abbas said: O’ the son of the Prophet (PBUH), now it is the 8th day of Zilhajjah, everyone is in Ehraam (pilgrim’s white clothes) and moving towards Arafaat, Mash’ar and Minaa, wait another week when they will all return from Minaa, they will come back to Mecca, then talk to them, see if they will help you; then rise up. Imam Hussain (AS) replied: Ibn Abbas, you have become old, it has passed you, if all the world leave me alone, I will not stop these talks, you say that I have to wait a week, what for? So that 4 people come and help me?
I will not allow even one more day, it is already late, they are spreading disbelief every day. Ibn Abbas said: Then, do not take women and children. Imam (AS) said: You don’t know, I want to revive the Middle East, they will martyr me there, I will be buried there and eventually I will awaken Mecca. I made speeches, I send messages to Karbala which is more than 1800 kilometers away, I send letters and I keep open the dialogue. I manage the distance between Hijaz and Iraq, what do I do from Iraq to Shaam (Damascus) which is the centre of government?

Translated from speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli in 2005.

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