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Imam Hussain’s (AS) will (Part One)

SHAFAQNA – Mohammad Hanafieh is one of the children of Imam Ali (AS). His mother’s name was Khouleh the daughter of Jaafar bin Qais bin Salmeh bin Tha’alabeh bin Doul ibn Hanifeh. She was one of the prisoners of Yamameh and Imam Ali (AS) bought her when she was offered for sale and then freed her and later on married her. Mohammed loved Imam Hussain (AS) very much but why he was not in Karbala? It is narrated that Mohammad was very ill and weak and could not go to Karbala.
Different dates have been mentioned regarding his death, some mentioned year 80 AH, and others wrote years 81 and 84 AH. On the morning of the last day of his presence in Medina, Mohammad Hanafieh who was extremely sad and worried for Imam Hussain (AS) pointed out some issues to Imam (AS) by saying: O’ my brother, you are the most loved and dearest of people to me and I wanted to give you some advice.
As far as possible, stay away from our town and declaring allegiance to Yazid; then send your representatives to people to invite them to help you, if they follow you and declare allegiance to you, thank God; if people gather around another person, this will not reduce anything from your religion, wisdom and fairness. I am worried that you enter a town and dispute start among people, then a group are with you and another to fight you whilst you become the target of their arrows and then a person whose father and mother are the best of this Ummah is perished and his family disrespected.

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