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Imam Hussain’s (AS) will (Part Three-Last Part)

SHAFAQNA – Then Imam Hussain (AS) asked for ink and paper and wrote the following will for his brother, Mohammad Hanafieh: “This is the will of Hussain ibn Ali (AS) to his brother Mohammad known as Ibn Hanafieh. Hussain witnesses that there is no God but Allah (SWT) and the Almighty has no partner, and Mohammad (PBUH) who has brought the truth is the servant and the Prophet of God.

I witness that the paradise and the hell are true, the Day of Judgment will arrive, there is no doubt in that and God will resurrect all those buried in the soil. I have not arisen for the sake rebellion, criminality or oppression; on the contrary, I have arisen to correct the affairs of my grandfather’s Ummah (nation). I want to command the good and prevent the bad, and to follow the ways of my grandfather (the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)) and my father Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS).

Whoever accepted me with the acceptance of the truth, indeed the Almighty is the most deserving, and whoever does not accept this from me, I will be patient until Allah (SWT) judges between me and the people, and God is the best of judges. My success is only from Allah (SWT); I will rely on God and will return to the Almighty.” Then he rolled the will and sealed it with his stamp and gave it to his brother Mohammad, bid farewell and came out in the middle of the night.


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