Imam Hussain’s (AS) will (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – Ibn A’atham narrated: Mohammad told Imam Hussain (AS): Go to Mecca, if you find there safe, this is what you and I like and if it was not safe go to Yemen where the people in there are friends of your grandfather, father and brother and they are the kindest and the most sympathetic people and their land is large enough and their wisdom better than all.

If you find Yemen safe (you have reached your aim) otherwise, go towards sandy tracks and valleys from one town to another until you see what people will do and God will judge between you and the criminal people. Then Imam Hussain (AS) said: My brother, I swear to Allah (SWT) that if I cannot find a secure refuge and place in the world, I will never declare allegiance to Yazid ibn Moawieh.

Mohammad Hanafieh interrupted Imam Hussain (AS) and wept and Imam (AS) cried with him for a while and then said: God bless you for your advice and opinion. I hope your opinion is firm and with success. I intend to go to Mecca and have prepared my brothers, their sons and my followers. Their task is my task and their opinion is my opinion. But my brother, no fear that you stay in Medina and be my eyes among them observing all their acts.

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