Imam Hussein Holy Shrine launches new pilgrimage program

SHAFAQNA -The Tourism Department of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has announced launching El-Warith affordable pilgrimage from the holy city of Kerbala, to Mesh’hed city, Iran, to make pilgrimage to Imam Er-Ridha, and Lady Ma’somah (Peace Be Upon Them).

The pilgrimage will be eight days in Mesh’hed city, and three days in Qum city, Iran.

Making pilgrimage to Yaser and Nasir; (the two brothers of Imam Er-Ridha) (Peace Be Upon Them), sayyed Abdul-Edheem El-Heseni (Peace Be Upon Him), sayyed Hemzeh; son of Imam Musa El-Kadhim (Peace Be Upon Them), sayyed Tahir, grandson of Imam Musa El-Kadhim (Peace Be Upon Them), and the companions and servants of Imam Er-Ridha (Peace Be Upon Them), in addition to making pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the foot trace of Imam Er-Ridha (Peace Be Upon Him).

Three days residence in Qum city, and then offering pilgrimage to Lady Ma’soma Holy Shrine. Also, there will be a day for resting and an excursion shopping.

The whole pilgrimage will take 12 days from Kerbala to Kerbala; and the cost for every person above the age of 12 will be $600, $550 per child above the age of 2, and $150 per child below the age of 2. $650 is the cost which can be paid in installments.

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