Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) Research Contest

The Preparations Committee of the 11th Global Annual Martyrdom Spring Festival launched a research contest revolving around the Revolution of Imam Hussein against tyranny on the day of Ashura.


The Research Themes of the contest:


1)      Clarify the significance of the Husseini Heritage and its comprehensiveness of all humanity.


2)      Reference to the publications and works of scholars that represent significance to the Husseini Culture.


3)      Develop a research spirit and create a state of communication between researchers and Holy Shrines.


4)      Explain the inspiration of Imam Hussein and how it is reflected in everyday life


5)      Create a state of intellectual and cultural connection between the past and present generations.


Other important topics:


1)      The philosophy behind the Revolution of Imam Hussein


2)      Factors behind the continuation of Imam Hussein’s Revolution


3)      War Ethics of Imam Hussein


4)      The Personal qualifications of Imam Hussein’s companions (i.e. Habib Bin Mudhahir El-Asadi)


5)      Elements of good leadership (i.e. El-Abbas (Peace be Upon Him))


6)      Inspiration of Imam Hussein on other religions and denominations


Terms and Conditions:


1)      Plagiarism is prohibited (i.e. the research must not be published or submitted previously)


2)      Research must be written according to proper scientific methods


3)      Minimum length of the research must be 15 pages and a maximum of 30 pages, font size: 14 printed on A4 paper


4)      Research can be submitted (with full name, phone number, and personal information) either online via email to ( or at the Department of Intellectual Affairs of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine.


5)      The last period for submission is on the 1st of Rajeb 1436A.F. or (April 12, 2015)


All of the above terms and conditions are required within the research paper which will be graded by a special committee.


The person coming in:


–          1st place will receive 3,000,000 IQD


–          2nd place will receive 2,000,000 IQD


–          3rd place will receive 1,000,000 IQD




Translated By: Ahmed Ali

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