How did Imam Hussian (AS) perform Salaat on the Day of Ashura?

SHAFAQNA – At noon, on the Day of Ashura, in addition to Bani Hashim family members who were the close relatives of Imam Hussain (AS), a group of the companions of Imam (AS) were also alive. Abu Thomamah Sidawi who was one of the loyal companions of Imam Hussain (AS) came to Imam (AS) and said: O’ Aba Abdallah, may my life be sacrificed for you, the enemies have come close to you, I swear to Allah (SWT) that until I get killed, I will not allow them to kill you, and I love to meet Allah (SWT) whilst I have also performed this Salaat. Imam Hussain (AS) raised his head towards the sky, and looked at the sky and said: You reminded Salaat, may Allah (SWT) place you among those who perform Salaat; yes it is the time for Salaat. Then, Imam Hussain (AS) said: Ask them (the enemies) to leave us, so that we can perform our Salaat. Hasin ibn Nameer from the enemy’s army said: Your Salaat is not acceptable! Habeeb ibn Madhaher (a close companion of Imam Hussain (AS)) replied: You think the Salaat of the son of the Prophet (PBUH) will not be accepted but yours will be accepted, you the ungrateful one? Imam Hussain (AS) told Zohair in Qain and Saeed ibn Abdullah to stand in front so that Imam (AS) could perform Salaat Dhuhr. They stood in front of Imam (AS) with half of the companions, and Imam (AS) performed Salaat-al-Khouf (fear) [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 45, page 21.

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