Imam Khomeini Conference – “Imam Khomeini and the Status of Women”

SHAFAQNA – The Islamic Center of England will host the Saturday – June 4th, the 19th Imam Khomeini conference to discuss the role of women, their position within society from a religious, social, and political standpoint.

The conference will see prominent speakers, among whom:

Professor Rodney Shakespeare – Barrister, Social Justice Campaigner, UK

Sr Nicole Correri M.Ed – International Public Speaker, USA

Dr Mahnaz Haydarpour – Islamic Lecturer, Iran

Mr Jalal Fairooz – Former MP, Bahrain

Haj Abbas Di Palma – President of Imam Mahdi Islamic Association, Italy

A much awaited event, the conference is set to be a brilliant success – allowing for different people to offer their own particular insight on women within Islam, at such a time when a fierce debate has taken root in between secular liberals, and religious communities.

See below the speakers’ short biography:

Mr Jalal Fairooz – former Bahraini MP

* Studying for PhD in Political Islamic Thought (present)
* Former Member of Parliament (Bahrain)
* Author of several books, including “The Engineering Disciplines and Roads to it,” “Brief Biography of Husseiniya,” “Foundations of the Stimulus by Modern Theories,” “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People in the Light of Islam.”
* Has published many academic papers on Islamic concepts, politics, humanities & social sciences in specialized periodicals
* Regularly hosted in major TV programs, including BBC, CNN, VOA, RT, etc., and writes regular articles in the press
* Chairman of Democracy & Human Rights Committee at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva (2007-2010)
* Chairman of Middle East Strategic & Consultative Centre
* Member of the World Majma of Ahlulbeyt (A.S.)
* Member of the Preparatory Commission of UK Shia Moslem Council
* Member of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Social Forum
* Former member of the board of Al-Wefaq political party and member of its consultative council
* Member of Parliamentarians for Global Action
* Member of International Parliamentarians Against Corruption
* General Coordinator of Bahrain Campaign in London
* Vice-chair of Bahrain Parliamentary Committee for Government Program
* Senior Member of the International Academy for Training & Consultancy (IATC)
* Member of Bahrain Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security
* Recipient of numerous leadership and performance awards from several professional and public organization

Sr Zahra Al Alawi
Zahra Al Alawi has graduated from a Media and Television degree at the University of Hertfordshire in England. As well as being personally tutored by Islamic scholars and lecturers. She has been presenting and lecturing globally for over 10 years. She has lectured and chaired conferences around the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Dar Es Salaam, Iraq, Bahrain and Kuwait. Her TV talk show “Womans View” on Sky 831 broadcasted over 300 episodes interviewing a range of women.
Zahra has also appeared on British media channels such as BBC, ITV3 and Channel4 speaking on Islamic issues. She has also been quoted in “The Telegraph” and “The Independent” news articles. Zahra had a meeting with the British Prime Minister in 2016 at 10 Downing Street where she projected to him the achievements of British Muslim Women.

Dr Amina Inloes
Originally from the United States, Amina Inloes lives in London. She works at The Islamic College where she is the managing editor of the Journal of Shi’a Islamic Studies and is the programme leader for the Islamic Studies programme. She frequently gives religious lectures and appears on Islamic satellite channels, and recently completed a PhD in Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter and has studied at the hawzah.

Haj Abbas Di Palma
Born in Florence (Italy) in 1980. He studied Islamic sciences in both religious seminaries like the Hawza of London, Damascus and Qum, and academic institution like Islamic College of London. He also studied Arabic language at University of Damascus. President of “Imam Mahdi” Islamic Association of Italy and Religious Leader at the “Imam Mahdi” Islamic Centre of Rome. He is involved in many projects in Italy and elsewhere on religious, social, academic and political level.

Sayeda Umme Ferwa
Activist, Lecturer and founder of Labayk Ya Zahra foundation, originally from Pakistan and has given lectures across the uk and internationally.

Prof Rodney Shakespeare

Rodney was Visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta where he taught on the international postgraduate Islamic Economics and Finance program.
He is a Cambridge MA; a qualified UK Barrister; and a well-known paper presenter and lecturer particularly at Islamic conferences dealing with money, the real economy, and social and economic justice. He is a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement and the author of In 2000 he received the (Martin Luther) King-Kelso Award. He broadcasts with Press TV, Russia Today, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and various other TV and radio stations.

Rodney is Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain

Sr Nicole Correri
Sr. Nicole Correri, M.Ed., the preeminent female Shia speaker in North America, aims to motivate the Muslim community to strive toward the ideals of Islam. With her academic background and passion for the religion, she is a powerful voice, not just for Muslim women, but also for the youth and English speaking Muslims in the West. She continues to study Arabic with the Fawakih Institute since 2012 and as of Fall 2015, she has become a Master’s student of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary with plans to pursue a Ph.D.

Dr Mahnaz Haydarpour

Islamic Lectureer wth Jamiat Al-Zahra in Qom with interest in interfaith dialogue and research. She is originally from Iran and has witnessed the Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini.


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