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Imam Muhammed Al-Taqi (A.S.)


SHAFAQNA-Birth:      10th Rajab 195 AH in Madina
Parents:  Imam ‘Ali al-Ridha (a.s.) & Bibi Sabika Naubiyyah (a.s.)
Titles:     ‘Al-Jawad’ (The Generous), ‘Al-Taqi’ (The Pious)
Death:    29th Dhul-Qa’da 220 AH
Buried:   Kazmayn, ‘Iraq
Children: 4 Daughters & 7 Sons


One day Mamoon al-Rasheed left for hunting with his royal entourage. As he passed through a street in Baghdad, Mamoon saw some children playing. On seeing the royal party approaching, all the children fled except for one. This child was none other than Imam Muhammad al-Taqi (a.s.). His age was 9 years.

When Mamoon saw him standing, he stopped and asked him, “O Boy! Why didn’t you also run away?” The Imam (a.s.) replied, “O Amir! The path is not narrow that it would become wider by my moving away, nor have I committed any crime that I should fear you and run away. And I do not think that you are you are the sort who would punish one who is innocent!”

Mamoon was very happy with this reply and he was also wonder struck by the handsome and illuminated face of the young boy. So he asked, “Tell me what your name is?” The young boy replied, “Muhammad”. “Whose son are you?” asked Mamoon. “I am the son of ‘Ali bin Musa al-Ridha (a.s.)” replied the young boy. When Mamoon heard this, he praised the 8th Imam (a.s.) and then proceeded with his entourage for hunting. (Sawa’iq al-Muhriqah)

Interestingly, the incident does not end here. Safder Husayn Najafi in his book Chauda Sitaare continues. He adds:

After this brief encounter with our Imam (a.s.), Mamoon proceeded to a forest. There, he released his eagle which flew away for sometime only to return with a small alive fish in its beak. Mamoon was quite surprised by this. As he returned and passed by the same spot where he had met with our Imam (a.s.) earlier on, he saw him once again in the same place. Addressing him, Mamoon asked, “O Muhammad! Tell me what do I have in my hand?” Imam (a.s.) replied, “Allah (SWT) has created many vast oceans from which clouds are formed. When clouds are forming, they absorb small live fishes which are caught by the eagles of the kings, who then use them to test the Imams of their times”.

Hearing this, Mamoon was speechless for sometime and then said, “There is no doubt that you are the son of ‘Ali bin Musa (a.s.) for such miracles are not impossible from his son!” (Chauda Sitaare)


“If the ignorant kept silent, people would not differ”. (Ihqaaq al-Haq)

“It suffices to know a man’s dishonesty when he is chosen as a trustee of the dishonest ones”.  (A’yaan al-Shia’h)

“One who abandons conciliation with people is faced with the undesirable (misery, distress)”. (Bihar al-Anwaar)

On the occasion of the birth of Imam Muhammad al-Taqi (a.s.), we extend our heartiest greetings and felicitations to our 12th Living Imam (AJ) and to all the Mu’mineen.

Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff

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