Imam Musa al-Kazim (A.S.) and Ali ibn Yaqtin

SHAFAQNA – Ibrahīm Jammāl wanted to meet ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn, the Prime Minister of Harūn the Caliph, but he was not granted an audience. The same year ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn was honoured by Hajj and later went to Madinah and decided to meet Imam Musa al-Kadhim (a.s.) but Imam (a.s.) did not permit him to enter. Again the next day he presented himself and upon the refusal of Imam (a.s.) asked as to what sin he had committed that Imam (a.s.) did not want to meet him. Imam (a.s.) said that since he had refused to meet his brother, the Almighty Allah would not allow his efforts to succeed, till the time Ibrahīm Jammāl does not forgive him. ‘Ali ibn Yaqtīn said that since he was in Madinah and Ibrahīm Jammāl in Kufa how was it possible to obtain his forgiveness at that moment?
Imam (a.s.) said, “When it is dark, go alone to Baqī, and do not let anyone know it. You will find a thoroughbred horse there. Mount that horse.”
‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn did as instructed and in a short time found himself at the door of Ibrahīm Jammāl. He knocked at the door and announced “I am ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn.”
Ibrahīm Jammāl said from inside, “What do I have to do with ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn?”
‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn said that he had some urgent work with him and begged for the permission to enter. When he was allowed inside he said, “My Master has refused to see me till you forgive me.”
Ibrahīm said, “May Allah forgive you.”
‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn fell down and implored him to put his foot on his (‘Ali’s) face. Ibrahīm did not agree. ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn again implored him in the Name of Allah. Ibrahīm complied with his request. 
Then ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn said, “O Allah be a witness,” and mounted the horse again. Within a few minutes he found himself at the door of Imam (a.s.). He knocked and Imam (a.s.) permitted him to enter.
By these traditions we can judge the importance of helping our believing brothers. ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn was one of the closest companions of Imam (a.s.) and has assumed the ministership by the order of Imam (a.s.). He was also held in such high esteem that on the day of Eid-uz-Zuha Imam (a.s.) said, “I did not recall anyone else’s name. I just prayed for ‘Ali Ibn Yaqtīn!”
Inspite of such an honourable position he was not able to satisfy Imam (a.s.) till he had satisfied his believing brother. We must exercise utmost caution in our daily lives that we may not cause any believer’s rights to be trespassed; which may bring down the anger of Allah (S.w.T.) and the Holy Prophet (S) upon us.

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