#IMN under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky Show Solidarity with the Oppressed People of #Bahrain

SHAFAQNA – Emergency Program in solidarity with the people of Bahrain being conducted right now (12:40 pm Wednesday) at Kano.
We may not be unaware of the siege in Bahrain on the house of the revered Sheikh Isa Qasim. A scenario similar to Zaria massacre seems to be unfolding in Bahrain.

Representative of Sheikh Zakzaky in Kano, Sheikh Sunusi Abdulqadir, is the speaker at the occasion. He emphasized on the obligation of Muslims to feel that they are one in brotherhood. Whatever happens to one happens to all of us. He said right now one Sheikh is now openly calling using the golden declaration of Hussain at Karbala: Is there any body to help us? In other words Bahraini people are looking for help from Muslims all over the World now. Sheikh Sunusi went further to trace the history of the establishment of Bahrain by the colonial masters. In the deliberate conspiracy the imperialists imposed few minority Wahhabis to rule the majority Shiah population. Right now there are reports of casualties in this current siege in Bahrain. The whereabouts of the Sheikh is at stake. The country now is in disarray.

Sheikh Sunusi expressed condemnation to this barbaric act and expressed solidarity with the Bahrain people and their struggle.
He expressed condemnation on the continued detention of Sheikh El Zakzaky by Nigerian tyrrant Buhari and his cohorts. He called on the immediate unconditional release of the revered Sheikh.

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