Important factors for suitable lifestyle

SHAFAQNA – The following factors will help particularly young Muslims to cope with the pressures of modern life and live a clean life as well as having a suitable lifestyle.

  1. Family; one of the most important factors for avoiding unsuitable ways in life is family. With a proper Islamic teaching by parents the personality of children are formed which is crucial to their present and future life. Kindness amongst members of a family is another important issue in life which help children as well as parents to cope with problems in life.
  2. Avoid attracting people’s attention by unsuitable ways; this a weakness and some people want by wearing strange, unusual clothes or make up or ways of walking, to attract attention to themselves. This is not a right way as mentioned in Ayah 31 of Surah Al-Noor.
  3. Unmarried opposite sex must not be in private together; this is wrong and can lead to unsuitable consequences.
  4. Modesty; an important characteristic to be preserved and developed during life time.
  5. Having self-control; particularly at the time when one is under pressure from satanic temptations.
  6. Marriage; a great Islamic tradition and young people must consider marrying as soon as possible.


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