In 2nd Day US urges immediate release and drop charges against Nabeel Rajab but PP extends his detention 15 days

SHAFAQNA – Public prosecution decided extending Nabeel Rajab detention for more 15 days in today court and yesterday For the second day US department of State Press briefing Daily say :

QUESTION: — follow-up to a question I asked yesterday —


QUESTION: — about Bahrain.

MR RATHKE: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: The answer on the question about Nabeel Rajab, the —


QUESTION: You said that you urged the Government of Bahrain to drop these charges. And the question has arisen: Are you seeking the government to drop the – all of the charges he faces, just the new ones, just – or just the old ones, or both sets?

MR RATHKE: Right. So let me just – so there are two different sets of charges here. First, there was an April 5 court date that had been set for Nabeel Rajab, and that was for his appeal of prior charges. That hearing was postponed. And in addition, there was an April 2nd arrest of him. He was arrested on April 2nd – he had been out on bail – and those were on new charges related to posting of information on social media. We are deeply concerned by the arrest, and we urge the Government of Bahrain to drop those charges; that is, both the case for which he was supposed to have an April 5th hearing that was postponed and the new charges on April 2nd. So the short answer to your question is yes, both.

QUESTION: Great, thank you.

MR RATHKE: Yes. All right. Thanks, everyone.

QUESTION: Thank you.


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#Bahrain Public prosecution decided extending @NABEELRAJAB detention for more 15 days

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