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Inauguration of Specialized Quran Kindergarten belonging to Imam Ali Holy Shrine

Imam Ali kindergarten

SHAFAQNA – Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, Sayyed Nizar Habl al-Mateen opened Ahbab al-Ameer (peace be upon him) specialized Koran Kindergarten belonging to Imam Ali Holy Shrine in al-Tusi Street.

Sayyed Habl al-Mateen said “we create a Koranic ideological and lover Ahl al-Bait generation from this small kindergarten. This kindergarten is the beginning of the work and we hoping to develop it. We wish that Allah might help us create believer generation and loves Ahl al-Bait and I like to thank Women Affairs Department for their great efforts.”

For her part, the head of Women Affairs Department in Imam Ali Holy Shrine, Manal Hussein said ” Ahbab al-Ameer (peace be upon him) specialized Koran Kindergarten  was opened today on the occasion of the Birth of Fatima Al-Zahraa (peace be upon him) starting with the children of the staff of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, where they were registered in it.”

The director of the kindergarten, Mrs. Rana Achammarti said “The kindergarten was founded in order to find an opportunity to teach children the Islamic curriculum in accordance with Koran. The working hours of the kindergarten will be at morning and evening. The morning working hours start from eight in the morning to two o’clock afternoon and the evening start from two o’clock to eight O’clock. There will be private vehicles to transport children from and to their homes.

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