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India to construct road in disputed area with China

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

India has announced a project of road construction in Aroonchal area alonborder side with China. This move of India would further bitter ties between China and India.

According to India Media this project is of worth 6.5 billion and road length constitutes about1,800 KM which will remain open throughout the year. This road will start from Tawang city of Aroonachal and end at the border’s that point where Indian and China’s

Boundry meets with Burma’s border. Indian deputy interior minister Kharan Rajeebo said that this road will not only strengthen their defence but also it will open new horizens of progress in the area.

In the meantime Chinese Government warned India not to complicate the border issues and stop construction of road at once. Responding to China’s warning Indian Home Minister said that India is a sovereign and powerful country and no one can warn it.

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