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India’s Rampur Hosts Exhibition of Rare Quran Collection

SHAFAQNA –  People from different walks of life and faith including Islamic scholars are thronging the Raza Library, renowned for its collection of ancient manuscripts from South Asia, to see its latest collection of the Quran.

The exhibition has been organized at the library in Rampur, India’s Uttar Pradesh, to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.

Professor Syead Hassan Abbas, director of Rampur Raza Library, who has organized the exhibition, said this was the first time that the library was putting on display its collection of Qurans and that too in the month of Ramadan. Many of the works that the library were once part of Rampur nawab’s collection.

“The library has a copy of a Quran written by master calligrapher of the 13th century Baghdad, Yaqut-al Musta Simi. It is inlaid in gold and precious lapis lazuli, said Abbas.”

Some of the manuscripts on display are among the oldest works of Arabic calligraphy. A 7th century Quran written on parchment in early Kufic script, attributed to Hazrat Ali (AS) is on display. Viewers are lining up to see this rare manuscript.

An 8th century manuscript of the Quran attributed to Imam Jafar Sadiq, known for his unique penmanship, is also on display.
A 9th century script attributed to a prime minister to three caliphs of Baghdad is part of the collection. The Quran is among the earliest works in Naskh style, popular in the 10th century. This form of calligraphy continues to be in vogue, with some changes, even today.

Chief guest of the exhibition, Dr. Muzaffar Sultan Turabi, said, “This is a brilliant show of the elaborate calligraphy of writers of the Quran.”

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