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Info graphic in Ashura Bahrain

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) –  For the first time in Bahrain Islamic Awareness Society opened art exhibition cognitive «Ashura info graph», which provides information Imam Hussein Biography by employing the art of drawing information, and it was held in Husseini awareness center in the capital Manama.

Saleh AL Seba director of Creative exhibition, said that «gallery« Ashura Info graph »is one of the contribution of the contributions of Awareness Association in supporting the revival, and supplement the cultural and artistic scene in additions and innovations  that can be development by the greater level of achievement of the enrichment of knowledge and achievement, as much of the sectors and segments modern language and address absorbed by different generations.

He said: «The awareness of cultural space as a delivery of knowledge and the development of awareness, made ​​in the field of Info graph a number of attempts were cards and posters education, that has been built on the idea and develop decisions to employ the definition of curriculum of Imam Hussain battle «

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