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Shafaqna (Shia International News Association) – The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered some questions regarding Khums. According to Shafaqna the question and answer are as follows:

Question: We are 3 brothers and one sister and has inherited a house from our father recently we have entered into an agreement for the development of the house into flats and hops. Suppose each of us get more than one flat as our share and if we decide to sell our share in the developed property after keeping one flat each- do we have to give khums on the amount realized and if so how much?

Answer: Khums is not obligatory on inherited properties except for the increased price and not for the market price increase, if the property has not been left for business. {For example: A person dies and leaves behind a house for his children. The house’s cost one million at that time, next year the price of the same house goes up to one million and two hundred thousand. If the deceased person did not intend to keep the house for business, there would be no khums on the price increase; if he intended to keep the house for business, khums would be obligatory on the increase. However, if inheritors worked on the house and developed it and the price of the house went up from one million to two millions regardless of whether the deceased person intended business with it or did not intend, khums would be obligatory and one million of the two millions should be taxed from.}



Source: Ayatollah Sistani


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