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Innocent people victims of barbarism by anti-Islam Takfiri groups

SHAFAQNA – Following the very recent victories of Iraqi and Syrian armies and people in freeing Sinjar in Iraq and 2 important towns in Halab province of Syria and cleansing the area from Daeshi Takfiri group (known as ISIS in the West), the terrorists decided to take revenge from innocent people. Last Thursday, Lebanon and innocent Shia communities became the first victims of these attacks by Takfiris. Two simultaneous explosions in southern Beirut in Zahieh, a Shia district resulted in killing 43 and wounding 239 innocent people according to Lebanese official figures.

According to international media reports, Da’esh (ISIS) claimed responsibility for Beirut’s double suicide bomb attacks. A day after Beirut’s bombings, France and Paris witnessed attacks by the barbaric Takfiri group of Da’esh (ISIS) which according to French media so far claimed the lives of more than 150 as well as more than 200 injured. Some international sources announced that Da’esh terrorist group has claimed responsibility for Paris attacks.

It must be said that the violence of the Middle East has reached Europe and showed its face clearly in Paris on 13 November 2015. Most people in the Middle East believe that Da’esh (ISIS) and other Takfiri terrorist groups are supported directly or indirectly by West and their Arab allies in order to fight Syrian government. As the President of France said, the war against terrorism will begin but how? The main questions are; how Da’esh and other Takfiri groups have been created? Who are their allies? Who they are fighting against? What are their aims?

The French President is talking about fighting terrorism but no one in the West can remember that the night before Paris attacks, Da’eshi barbarism claimed the lives of many innocent Lebanese Shia Muslims in Southern Beirut. For years mainly Shia Muslims have been the victims of Takfiri groups in the Middle East. The Takfiri ideology which is totally against true Islam comes from Wahhabism. Wahhabi sect is based mainly in Saudi Arabia and supported by petro dollars. Who are the real allies of Saudis? What is the reaction of international community towards the killings of innocent people of Yemen by Saudis? Where do Saudis get their modern weapons?

The important question is, how come the intelligence services, western politicians including the President of France are not aware of these facts? One point is clear and that is, the true Islam is the religion of peace, Wahhabi Takfiri ideology has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever. ISIS is neither a state nor Islamic, so why they are not called Da’esh Takfiri group instead of ISIS by western media? True Muslims of the world condemn the barbaric acts committed in the name of Islam and ask all the international media to stop connecting the crimes of Takfiri groups with Islam.

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