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Instagram is bringing ads to Canadian users’ feeds

SHAFAQNA – Instagram users in Canada will start seeing ads in their feeds on the photo-sharing platform on Monday from the likes of Hudson’s Bay Company, Air Canada and Travel Alberta.

The program, which the social media company has already launched in the U.S., Australia and the U.K., will start in Canada with photo ads from six brands. Target, Sportchek and Mercedes Benz Canada are also participating, said Helen Pak, creative strategist with Facebook Canada.

Users will see ads based on the accounts they follow and the posts that they like, she said. If their Instagram account is linked to their Facebook account, the ads will also be based on basic profile information, such as age, gender and interests, she added.

Users will be able to hide ads, which will be marked sponsored, that they don’t want to see, but they cannot opt out entirely, said Meg Sinclair, Facebook Canada spokeswoman.

“Instagram is a free platform, we are committed to keeping it free, very similar to Facebook… We need to have Instagram be a sustainable business,” she said.

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