International Day of Protest against Saudi Arabia Planned

SHAFAQNA – The Universal Justice Network (UJN) has organized an international day of protest against Saudi Arabia in which people across the globe are scheduled to take to the streets on March 14 in a bid to urge the kingdom to release all political prisoners.

The event is designed to draw attention to the little publicized persecution faced by thousands of political prisoners imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for having criticized the ultra-conservative monarchy and its policies. Many of them are political reformists but their number also includes religious leaders who have campaigned for fundamental rights and freedoms, IHRC reported.

One of the most prominent and still open cases is that of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr, a leading Shiite scholar recently sentenced to death on trumped up charges of apostasy and terrorism for his outspoken criticism of the Saudi regime and his calls for equality and reform. He has been severely tortured in detention.

In addition, Saudi Arabia’s justice system was already under criticism due to a record number of beheadings in 2014 as well as already performing nine beheadings so far this year which included a Burmese woman who was executed without painkillers and received three blows before dying from decapitation.

All justice seekers across the globe are invited to support the initiative by holding demonstrations in their localities in support of Saudi political prisoners in as many cities as possible, all outside the Saudi Embassy or relative institution.

For more details on the event, please follow the link below:

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