IQNA/ Forum on “Islam and Western Thought” Held in Spain

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- The Muslim World League organized an international forum titled “Commonalities and Differences between Islamic and Western Thought” in Madrid, Spain.

According to Al-Riyadh newspaper, the program was held on November 27 and 28 with the participation of Abdullah bin Abdul Muhsin Al-Turki, secretary general of the league as well as a number of scholars, academic figures and researchers.

The importance of clarifying Islamic and Western thought and making the best use of the two with the aim of strengthening relations and renovating methods of interactions among different nations and cultures in order to introduce the reality of Islam and Islamic culture were among the themes stressed at the forum.

The participants also condemned the crimes committed by extremists in Iraq and Syria and called for serious efforts to establish peace and security in the Middle East.

They also stressed the necessity of developing cooperation among the Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid and the related institutions participating at the program to realize the common objectives.

Other themes of the forum included the organization of scientific and influential meetings to boost relations between Muslims and the West and to enhance the Spanish Muslim society.

The necessity and importance of dialogue, fighting terrorism and extremism, and deepening the true religious thought among Muslim minorities to avoid racial prejudices were other themes stressed at the event.

The international forum included various sessions such featuring issues like “the common economic, intellectual and social points between Islam and the West” which was chaired by Sami Al-Mishtawi, in charge of cultural affairs and information at the Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid, and addressed by Rasheed Al-Hurr, lecturer of Arabic Language Department at Salamanca University, and Nicolas Nebout, lecturer of Arabic Language Department at Malaga University of Spain.

“Cultural diversity and promotion of tolerance” was the title of another scientific session chaired by Nicolas Nebout and addressed by Sami Al-Mishtawi, who talked about “tolerance in Islam”.





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