Iran to Attend Russia’s 18th Int’l Quran Contest


SHAFAQNA – The 18th edition of Russia’s international Holy Quran competition is slated for October 5-9.

According to the organizers, it will be held in the category of Quran recitation.

The organizers have send invitations to different countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, for participating in the contest.

Amir Laal Avval, a young Quran reciter from Khorasan Razavi province, will represent Iran in the international Quranic event.

Iranian Quran master Seyed Javad Sadat Fatemi will accompany Laal Avval in the competition as a guide.

Russia’s Quran contest, known as the Moscow Quran reciting competition, has been held annually since 2000. Since year 2007 the competition became international.

Born in 1982 in the holy city of Mashhad, Laal Avval has learned Quran recitation skills with different Quran masters including Javad Panahi, Shafiei, Momen, Hassani and Mojtahedzadeh.

He has won a number of titles in national and international Quranic events, including the top rank in Iraq’s international Quran competition in 2014.


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