Iran condemns new EU oil sanction

SHAFAQNA – National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) condemned the recent EU sanctions, calling it politically-motivated act.

The sanctions run counter to all legal principles, the company said, adding, “The measure came where there is no new legal reason behind it, and overall the previous allegations have been repeated.”

European Union governments agreed on Thursday to put the National Iranian Tanker Company, Iran’s biggest tanker firm, back on a list of sanctioned firms, making a politically-motivated and unfair decision.

The company has been targeted by the EU unfair sanctions on October 15, 20112 for the first time, but it managed to receive a decree from EU general court to lift the sanctions on July 3, 2014.

The court said there is no reason to put the Iranian company in the list of sanctions, and the embargo was lifted after 70 working days.

The company reiterated that the allegations have already been rejected by the EU general courts, suggesting that the EU politicians do not follow legal and judicial views of the courts and act unfairly.


Source: ISNA


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