“Iran is seeking balanced, multi-faceted development ” said President Rouhani

SHAFAQNA– New York – President Hassan Rouhani said his government is seeking a balanced and multi-faceted development.

Addressing a group of Iranian investors in New York on Friday morning, the president expounded on his administration’s developmental outlooks and said he is seeking a balanced development not only in economy but also in the fields of culture, politics , and society.

President Rouhani said modern world is the world of science and competition, adding that if Iran does not try to win in this competition, not only do we fall behind, but all the development and the future of the country will be challenged.

The president said his administration is determined to decrease economic inflation.

‘In order to curb the inflation, we’ve started with monetary and banking discipline; liquidity is under control and I’m even stricter than Central Bank on monetary and banking issues,’ said the president.

He expressed pleasure that the country has come out of economic recession and said Iran has had an economic growth of 4.6 percent in the first 3 months of Iranian year.

On foreign policy, the president said certain people think that the only ways vis-a-vis the world are either ‘confrontation’ or ‘surrender’ whereas we are for ‘interaction’ in the framework of principles; we plan to stop some of the tensions and see how we can reduce other tensions and of course we will do it with keeping our principles and national dignity.

On nuclear negotiations, the president expressed hope that the talks could lead to good results.

‘There are hard steps ahead but those who are doing the job are the best in the country on political negotiations and they know what the targets are,’ said the president.


Source: IRNA



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