Iranian artists top winners at anti-ISIL intl. cartoon contest

SHAFAQNA – Iranian artists won first prizes at the DAESH (ISIS) International Cartoon and Caricature Contest, an Anti-ISIL competition organized by Iran’s House of Cartoon.

Mahbubeh Pakdel was presented with the prize in the Cartoon Section and Shahram Shirzadi received the award in the Caricature Section during a ceremony at Tehran’s Arsbaran Cultural Center on Sunday evening. 

The second prizes in both sections also went to Iranian cartoonists. Amir Dehqan won the prize in the Cartoon Section and Aref Niazi was honored in the Caricature Section. 

The third prize in the Cartoon Section went to Djoko Susilo from Indonesia and the third prize of the Caricature Section was presented to Hadi Asadi from Iran. 

Ridha H. Ridha from Germany, Prakash Sharma from India and Alireza Pakdel from Iran received honorable mention in the Caricature Section. 

Honorable mentions in the Cartoon Section were awarded to Armen Hamonangan from Indonesia, and Iranian artists Alireza Pakdel, Bahram Arjmandnia, Esmat Amjadipur, Mohammadreza Akbari, Taravat Niki and Majid Amini.

On Sunday, a team of cartoon and caricature experts judged more than 1,000 works submitted to Iran’s House of Cartoon, the organizer of the event.


About 270 works were selected from the submissions, including works by artists from over 40 countries such as Brazil, Australia and Latin America.


The selected works will go on display in four different locations in Tehran.

The contest focused on the terror group’s horrific crimes, including beheadings, bombings and destruction of ancient artifacts, in the two Middle Eastern countries of Iraq and Syria.

Addressing at the ceremony, Iranian scholar Hassan Rahimpur-Azghadi described the contest as “an international movement for fighting false religion.” 

“This false religion was set up against Islam, but today, the world is tasting its poisonous fruits,” he added.

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