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Iranian Sunni clerics denounce Nigeria Shia killing

SHAFAQNA – Prominent Sunni clerics in Iran demanded for immediate release of Nigerian Shia leader Sheikh Ibrahim al Zakzaki denouncing the invasion of army against the mourning Shia which has led to killing of dozens of Shias in the northern city of Zaria, Kaduna State.

Molavi Nazir Ahmad Salami, representative of Southeastern Province of Sistan and Baluchistan in the Parliament rejected the silence of international bodies in regards to the killing of Shia calling that a support for Takfiri and terrorist groups led by world arrogant powers.

He called the invasion as a proof for ignorance and lack of wisdom among ruling institutions in Nigeria demanding United Nations and Human Rights bodies to react against the crime.

Molavi Gholam Nabi Tavakkoli, Friday prayer leader of Taibad, in Khorasan Razavi Province, called the invasion as a command imposed to Nigerian army demanding for immediate release of the Shia leader of Nigerian Islamic Movement (NIM) and also investigations into the incident.

He said the reason behind intrigues to kill Muslims is Islamophobia and preventing promotion of Islam in the western and American countries saying,” World arrogant powers are trying to wage domestic clashes among Muslims and picture Islam as the religion of violence and bloodshed.”

He stressed all Muslims to stand united and prevent the enemies to penetrate among them.

Molavi Abdul Bari Salehi, manager of Madhar al Tawhid Seminary in Taibad warned that the arrogant powers are in pursuit of unipolar world and looting Muslim assets and this is in contrast with independence and anti-arrogant tendencies of the Muslims.

He also warned against the intriguing policies of the world super powers in Muslim world and is in pursuit of the policy of Divide and Rule noting,” Enemies, in this line, launch groups to perform terrorist attacks, bombing of mosques in underdeveloped areas and Islamic centers.”

Sunni cleric noted,” Since Muslim states in the Middle East region have several oil resources, they can create an economic, military and political superpower against the arrogant powers once they stand united with each other.”

He slammed the US for its pursuit of creating a unipolar world and weakening of the Muslim governments in a bid to spark bloodshed among Muslims and control the world.

Molavi Rigian pour, prayer leader of Mirjaveh County in Sistan and Baluchistan, called the Shia killing in Nigeria as a result of the US wrong policy to cooperate with Takfiri (excommunication) and Daesh terrorist groups and said,” Enemies intend to kill Muslims across the world and distance Shia and Sunni Muslims to achieve their heinous targets.”

He denounced the killing of Nigerian civilians for being Muslims as a violation of Human Rights and demanded the UN to investigate into the incident.

The cleric noted that the brutal attack against Shia leader of NIM to be painful for both Shia and Sunni communities and said,” Enemies are quite concerned over popularization of Islam hence they intend to isolate Muslims through such crimes.”

Molavi Abdul Karim Baee, Sunni prayer leader of Mashhad Rizeh in Taibad, slammed Muslim killings in all Islamic states denouncing the US and Zionist regime of Israel to inspire the crimes.

He said,” When the US and Zionist regime of Israel have set the killing of Muslims high on their agenda, it is only through maintaining solidarity among Muslims that we can protect Muslims.”

He demanded Shia and Sunni leaders to study the most important issues of the Muslim world and highlight those common among all Islamic denominations as a move to boost Islamic unity.

Molavi Abdul Samad Sadati, Sunni cleric from Saravan County in Sistan and Baluchistan denounced the mercenaries and puppets of the Zionist regime for targeting fraternity of Islamic communities killing Muslims.

He said killing of people is denounced by all religions and liberal movements and slammed enemies of Islam for targeting Islamic unity.

The Sunni cleric expressed regret over the killing of Nigerian Shia Muslims and detention of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki and said,” Once Muslim countries join each other in a unified body, then no power will be capable of confronting Islam, though it is a regret that enemies are in pursuit of dispersing Muslims and achieve their objectives through this disunity.”

According to the cleric, from an Islamic view terror attacks, in all forms, are condemned.


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