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Iran’s share of Iraq market %17.5 said Sanjabi-Shirazi

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Iranian products’ share of Iraqi imported goods market is currently %17.5, said Secretary General of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce Jahanbakhs Sanjabi-Shirazi here Thursday, adding that Iran-Iraq tourism expansion document is devised.

“Iran’s share of Iraq’s imported goods market increased 5% this year and our country is thus Iraq’s 2nd top trade partner now, next to Turkey,” he said, speaking at an economic experts’ gathering titled New Investment Opportunities in Iran and Horizon of Provision of Goods and Services for Iraqi Market.

Secretary General Sanjabi-Shirazi added that Iran’s ultimate goal is acquiring a 25% share of the Iraqi market during the upcoming years.

Focusing on the newly devised document on Iran-Iraq tourism expansion document, too, he said that in accordance with the predictions of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce the number of Iraqi tourists who will visit Iran up to the year 2016 will be more than 3.5 million each year and therefore, a workgroup has been established and commissioned to devise a fundamental program on further expansion of tourism between the two countries.


Source: IRNA

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