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Iran’s Zarif blames U.S Complicity in war crimes

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SHAFAQNAIranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif slams Complicity of U.S in war crimes in Yemen, emphasizing that aim of U.S is creating Permanent instability to justify heinous policy.

“Complicity in Saudi & UAE war crimes with arms, intel & logistical support apparently not enough”, Zarif tweeted on Sunday.

“US also proliferating advanced weapons to extremist’s incl Al Qaida & ISIS. First Syria; now in Yemen”.

Zarif added that aim of U.S is creating Permanent instability to justify heinous policy.

The British newspaper The Guardian in an article said that “An investigation into weapons being used in the war in Yemen has shown numerous examples of arms supplied by the UK and the US, among others, ending up in the hands of militias including those linked to al-Qaida and ISIS”.

According to The Guardian, in an apparent abuse of trade agreements by the Saudi- and UAE-led coalition, sophisticated armoured vehicles, rocket launchers, grenades and rifles are among the weapons being purchased from European and US companies and reaching local factions and groups.

In February this year militias fighting for an independent state in Yemen’s south raised the South Yemen flag on US-made armoured vehicles, the BAE Caiman Mrap. The same southern resistance later joined forces with the UAE-backed Giants Brigade and received dozens of US-made MaxxPro armoured vehicles.

As international concerns continue to rise over the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The five humanitarian organizations urged the US, as one of the most generous humanitarian donors in Yemen, to end military support to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Yemen’s civil war, warning of 14 million people being at risk of starvation if conflict continues.

Javad Zarif emphasized on the necessity of ending war in Yemen, saying “I said this on the crisis in Yemen in April 2015”.

Javad Zarif added “Today, after untold human suffering & war crimes by the Saudi coalition & its U.S. accomplices, & efforts to whitewash their crimes with absurd allegations against Iran, our four-point plan still remains the only viable option.’

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