IRNA/ Iran underlines ceasing financial support for terrorists:DyFM

SHAFAQNA – Deputy Foreign Minister said on Sunday that since IS emerging, the Islamic Republic of Iran underlined necessity of ceasing financial and arsenal support for the terrorist group.

According to Foreign Ministry Media Department, German parliament vice-speaker Claudia Roth, who is heading a German parliamentary delegation to Iran, met with Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi.

Sarmadi expressed pleasure with increased exchange of parliamentary delegations between the two countries, and evaluated this move important to develop mutual understanding and boost relations.

He stressed that Iran since earlier time had underlined necessity to stop financial and arsenal support for Daesh terrorist group.

But, unfortunately, some western and regional countries noticed danger late, when it was spread to different region and world and now it is necessary that they change their policies.

Protesting the repetition of wrongful act by the French satire magazine blaspheming Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Sarmadi said that the French government must not allow the issue of freedom of expression be abused to desecrate the religious sanctities of Muslims, and stop escalation of Islamophobia. Sarmadi said that the French government inaction will lead to more radicalism in the French community.

Claudia Roth, for her part, acknowledged important role of Iran in the region and its positive interaction and contribution to resolve the regional crises, citing Iranian assistance to millions of Afghan refugees, assisting Iraqi government in fight against terrorism, expressed German government’s readiness for strengthening parliamentary relations and using existed capacities to develop bilateral ties.

She expressed hope for success of the nuclear talks between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the western governments.

She underlined concentration on political settlement of the Syrian crisis, participation and cooperation of regional powers to settle problems in the region.

Germany parliament vice speaker said that actions of Daesh and Takfiri groups has nothing to do with Islam.


Source: IRNA


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