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IRNA/ Top German MP stresses “historic chance” to clinch Iran nuclear deal

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- The chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the German parliament Norbert Roettgen highlighted the “historic chance” to finally reach an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Roettgen was among a number of leading European offcials who signed a recent media appeal urging the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France

plus Germany) and Iran to finally reach an accord on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The letter signed by representatives of several countries and published in major European newspapers was aimed at making clear how “significant the historic chance for a solution is,” said the Christian Democratic lawmaker.

It could pave the way towards the solution of the nuclear issue which then again, could pave the way for improved relations among the countries, he told IRNA.

Pointing to the final strech of the Iran nuclear negotiations, Roettgen reiterated the need on both sides to make compromises which would mainly mean that Iran could not develop nuclear weapons and the US and Europe would gradually lift their sanctions against Tehran.

Roettgen played down fears that the latest Republican victory in the US Congress mid-term elections could somehow torpedo a nuclear deal, saying President

Barack Obama had executive powers to single-handedly suspend or lift anti-Iran sanctions.

The conservative legislator said a likely Iranian nuclear agreement could have a major positive impact on Tehran-Berlin ties.

“From my point of view, this would constitute a fundamental and comprehensive revival and intensification of contacts and ties between Iran and Germany — politically, economically and culturally,” said Roettgen.

He hailed Iran’s regional role, saying the country had a “key position” in promoting regional stability.

Roettgen who visited Iran earlier this year, made clear the Islamic Republic was also of a “decisive significance” when it came to combating the ISIS terror network militarily and politically.






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