Is God kind to sinners?

SHAFAQNA – God is the customer of the sinners. You see a sinner and he/she is ashamed of coming to the Mosque, he/she is broken hearted, and says: How can I go to the Mosque? Or the month of Muharram has arrived, and says: How can I join mourners? Putting the shoes of the mourners in order is the best place for me. God is the customer of such broken hearts. God’s habit is to be kind to bad persons. Do you invite bad persons to your house? No; you will say, they will embarrass us; you do not invite bad persons. Everyone invites good people to their houses. But God is not like that, God is (also) the customer of the bad persons. “O’ God who have pity on those whom others do not have pity on them; O’ God who accept the one whom no one accepts in any (other) place.” [Duas from Sahifeyeh Sajjadiyeh by Imam Sajjad (AS)]

Source: Official Channel of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli (

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