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Is it backbiting if others faults are mentioned when consulting with someone? The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardebili’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardebili answered a question about mentioning faults of others at the time of consultation.

Question: Sometimes some people ask us about a famous personality who is the author of many books or delivers speeches, and talks in universities or other ceremonies or in television. They ask if such person is good to be visited and read his books and follow him/her. In these cases, if we know that personality well and for example we know he/she has a lot of knowledge about a particular subject, but in other fields he/she is weak and his/her works have problems. Or for instance he/she is religious, but in social politics has no wide vision, or his/her talks may be misleading, and we mention such cases in full to someone who asks the question, and our intention is only for the good and to prevent the questioner from being misled when faced with those problems, and we are also fair and do not say anything that is false. Is doing so allowed or it is considered as backbiting and Haram?

The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi: There is no problem in mentioning faults in their real extent and proportion when consulting.


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