Is Pakistan Military and Political leadership on the same page? Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

In its 67 year history of independence Pakistan has been mostly ruled by autocrats while democracy has been kept on bay by military dictators. It is estimated that democracy in Pakistan could hardly prevail by 25 years in patches of 2 or hardly 3 years. Since 2008 it seems that Pakistan has been decided not to welcome any military coup and political leadership seems committed to ensure smooth working of democracy therefore despite severe political uprisings ex-military chief and incumbent COAS did not dare to interfere in political matters and left all political players to settle their scores by own.

Apparently it seemed that Political leadership and Military top brass are on same page regarding democracy and other affairs of the state but when Army decided to launch Zarb.e.Azb, cracks between political and military leadership appeared. First time in the history of Pakistan ISPR announced to launched operation Zarb.e.Azb though such operations are always announced by political leadership. Although Mian Nawaz Sharif owned this operation later but with heavy heart.

Ties between political and military top brass got further strenuous when incident of December 16 took place. Political leadership was still reluctant to take decisive action against terrorists but army wanted to put last nail in the coffin of terrorists. However under pressure political leadership once again owned army’s decision on rapid execution of terrorists. However PML-N leadership tolerated but when army demanded of setting up military courts, PML-N leadership appeared battered by this decision. Keeping in view the role of army in the history of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif once again nodded in favor of military courts but other parties are still afraid of setting up these courts due to their possible use against them. PML-N is trying its best to woo other political parties for military courts but itself not happy with COAS decisions.

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