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Is silence better than speaking?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Sajjad (AS) was asked: Is silence better or speaking? Imam (AS) replied: Each one of them has negative aspects. If both of them have no negative aspects, then speaking is better, because Allah (SWT) appointed the prophets and Imam (AS) to speak and not to be silent. No one deserves paradise and friendship of God with silence, and the no one is saved from hell fire by staying silent. All these become possible by speaking. I cannot compare the moon with the sun. If you want to explain the virtues of silence, you use words, whilst the virtues of speaking cannot be explained by silence [1]. This narration also point to the fact that speaking is allowed if there are benefits to it, but if it causes problems or sins or disunity, then undoubtedly silence is preferred.

[1] Akhlaqe Bashar, PP 225-226.

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