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Is silence really valuable?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Whoever adopts silence as his/her way, will be saved. And the Prophet (PBUH) also said: Whoever believes in Allah (SWT) and the Prophet of God (PBUH), whenever (he/she) speaks, his/her speech must be beneficial or stay silent. It is narrated from Prophet Jesus (AS) that: Worship of God has ten parts; nine out of that is silence and one of them is escaping people. Luqman the wise (AS) told his child: O’ my child, if you think speaking is silver, beware that silence is gold.

Luqman the wise (AS) came to see Prophet Dawood (AS) and saw him making chain armour. Luqman (AS) who had never seen a chain armour before was surprised and decided to ask about it, but his wisdom did not allow him to do so. When Dawood (AS) finished making the chain armour, he wore it and said: It is very good for war. Then Luqman (AS) said: Silence is wisdom, but not many people adopt it. What I wanted to know, I found about it without a question. It is said that: Luqman (AS) used to go to see Dawood (AS) for one year to find out about this subject, but he never asked any question [1].

[1] Me’arajul Sa’adah, Page 489.

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