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Is the media painting a true picture about Assam’s displaced Muslims?

Guwahati: The role of media in perceptualising risk is very crucial; especially when the risk is augmented by deadliest terrorist organization with double edged potentiality to create disaster in anywhere in the world.

Ever since the declaration of Al Qaeda’s Ayman Al Zawahiri that his organization is going to open a new branch in India to protect the Muslims of South Asia, media has been extensively covering the issue and trying to create a perception of risk among various stakeholders to mitigate the vulnerability and disaster. It is something that the media ought to do.

But does the professional ethics of journalism permits anyone to create a ‘risk perception’ out of context to make a particular community vulnerable to the risk of persecution, humiliation and marginalization?

A case in point is the story by India Today dated September 18, 2014 titled “The Next Tinderbox: 160 people killed since 2011 on clashes between indigenous people and alleged Bangladeshi Muslims immigrants in Assam”.



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