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ISIS plans to use Libya as a gateway towards Europe warns officials

SHAFAQNA – British officials have confirmed on Thursday that ISIS is looking to use Libya as a gateway towards Europe ahead of a strategic move to target European capitals.

Owing to its perfect location on the continental doorstep, the terrorists plan to ferry fighters from North Africa across the Mediterranean.

It was Quilliam – prominent British anti-terror think tank – which unveils ISIS strategy toward Europe, warning British officials and other head of states earlier this week. The organization stressed the threat of terror is not longer confined to the MENA region – Middle East and North Africa –

Such warnings come amid calls from EU officials to intervene in Libya where ISIS militants have gained a strong foothold due to aggravated tensions in between rival tribal factions.

Libya’s vast desert swaths and porous borders with sub-Saharan Africa, has meant the country has long been a firm favorite for trafficking people into Europe.

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