ISIS uses chlorine gas to spread terror

SHAFAQNA – Sources in Iraq have confirmed that ISIS has used chlorine gas against Iraqi soldiers, hoping to generate widespread panic.

Crude roadside bombs filled with toxic chlorine gas have been used by ISIS terrorists confirmed military officials.

Iraqi officials say government forces have diffused dozens of such devices over the past weeks. They noted that several videos were taken to back up their claims.

One Iraqi bomb disposal expert said that the use of such a chemical is a  clear sign of desperation.

Jennifer Cole, Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute noted that although chlorine can be lethal, it does appear that it’s being used as a psychological weapon more than anything.

Chlorine was used by the British in the First World War, but it proved to be unreliable. In one attack in 1915 the gas blew back into British trenches after canisters were fired from heavy guns at the Germans.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ fact-finding mission concluded ‘with a high degree of confidence’ that chlorine has been used on three villages in Syria last year, killing 13 people.

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