‘Islam does not support terrorism’, says Nabil Zaki

SHAFAQNA – Muslim scholar and spokesperson of Egypt’s Al-Tagammu Party, Dr Nabil Zaki, has decried the misinterpretation of Islam as a terrorism-condoning religion, saying Islam does not support killings or destruction of property.

“There is no religion in the world that allows killings, slaughtering of people like chicken or destruction of people’s property anyhow. Terrorists are trying to destroy Islam by presenting themselves as Muslims and mistreating people yet they don’t belong to Islam,” he said.

Addressing scribes currently training in Egypt at the ministry of Media, Zaki said terrorists want to destroy Africa because of its wealth in natural resources, urging Africa’s Muslim population to shun such activities.

“Niger is the [fourth largest] producer of uranium in the world; East African countries have a lot of minerals and West Africa also has a lot of gold, diamond, cobalt and oil. Terrorists are aiming at stealing all these resources from Africa. We shall not allow this. Let’s unite and fight [terrorism],” Zaki said.

He said terrorists aim at killing Africans by creating constant wars and Zaki expressed determination to show the world that Islam is not connected to terrorism. A third of the world’s Muslims reportedly reside in Africa.

Zaki also decried Africa’s denying girls their right to education, selling girls into slavery and making women less important than men. He pointed out recent sad developments in Libya, Syria, Mali, Egypt, Lebanon and Nigeria, where wars have in some instances wiped out the rich history of nations.

“Algeria suffered a lot of terrorism in 1992, where over 600,000 people were killed and East African countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have also suffered a lot of terrorism where hundreds of people have been killed in bomb attacks and others gunned down,” he said.

The head of Egyptian Journalists Union, Yehya Kalash said, “The Egyptian union for journalists is leading in fighting acts of terrorism among all African countries. Every day we [hear] a journalist killed in different parts of Africa.”

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