Islam invites us to cooperate with other people of the society


SHAFAQNA – One day Imam Musa Kazim (AS) was passing by a man whose appearance did not look tidy. Imam (AS) greeted him and sat near him and talked to him for a while. Imam Kazim (AS) told that man: I am at your service, anything that I can do, please let me know. One of the people around Imam (AS) said: It is strange that you are sitting next to such an untidy person, and now you want to serve him? Imam Kazim (AS) replied: This person has been created by God, and he is my brother in religion, and he is my neighbour in the cities of God. My father and his father is Adam (AS), and he is the best of fathers; and the religion of Islam has invited us to cooperate with each other [1].

[1] A’ayanul Shia, Vol. 2, page 7.


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