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Islam needs insight and action together

SHAFAQNA – Martyr Motahhari said: Rabi’a ibn Khatheem known as Khawjah Rabi’a who was living at the time of Imam Ali (AS) and he is one of the eight famous Zahids (ascetic) of the world. In last years of his life he prepared a grave and sometimes laid in there and used to preach to himself by saying: O’ Rabi’a do not forget eventually you must come here. He never said any other words except Zikr (praising God). The only sentence heard from him was when he was informed that: Some people martyred Imam Hussain (AS) and he expressed his sorrow by saying: Shame on these people who martyred the child of their Prophet (PBUH).

Later on he even repented from this sentence and said: Why I spoke these few words which were not Zikr? In 20 years of worship he did not speak even one worldly word whilst during this period of time he witnessed martyrdom of three Imams; Imam Ali (AS), Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS). This person was a member of the army of Imam Ali (AS) and one day told Imam (AS): I am doubtful about this war; I am worried that this war may not be according to the religious law, because we are fighting those who pray like us towards Qiblah.

As he was a Shia and did not want to leave Imam (AS), so he said: I request you give me a task which I have no doubt about it. So, Imam Ali (AS) sent him to one of the borders where if there was a war, the opposite side would be disbelievers. Islam needs insight and action together; such a person has no insight. The ignorant individuals always act either too fast or too slow. It is mentioned in Wisdom 67 of Nahjul Balaghah from Imam Ali (AS) who said: The ignorant is not seen except when uncompromising/extreme/radical or when too slow [1].

[1] Hedayat’ha va Hekayat’ha, Martyr Motahhari, Page 315.

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