Islam propagates peace as the main principle in international relations (Part Four)


4. Religious brotherhood and human brotherhood

The Islamic school of thought emphasizes on the principle of human equality, tolerance, religious cooperation, brotherhood between believers and brotherhood between all human beings. Brotherhood between Muslims is total, complete and is based on religion and belief. Congregational prayers, Hajj and paying Zakat, make all Muslims united on the way of social cooperation and doing good deeds.

The holy Quran emphasized this brotherhood in Ayah 10 of Surah Al-Hojarat saying: Believers are brothers with each other so reconcile your brethren and heed God, so that you may find mercy. Narrations from the Prophet (PBUH) stressed this point; for example: Muslims’ treaty is one [1], You are not a believer if whatever you wish for yourself you do not wish for your brother [2], believers are like one body in their friendship and behaviour toward each other and when one part is in pain, all other parts will be in pain [3], believer is like a pillar to other believer and will support any believer [4].

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Translated from Farsi text written by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Mustafa Mohaqeq Damaad
To be continued

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