Islam under siege in Malaysia?

SHAFAQNA – The trigger was a leaked letter which revealed the Penang State Fatwa Committee’s proposal to follow up and improve on a decision it made back in 2011, which at that time was to prohibit the use of external loudspeakers for the recitation of the al-Quran before Subuh prayers.

There are some who feel that this is a first step by the powers-that-be in the state, towards sidelining Muslims in Penang.


If you do feel this way, are you not indirectly questioning the motive and credibility of the Penang State Fatwa Committee itself?

I don’t know about you but I for one am still far behind in terms of my knowledge of Islam, to consider disputing the reasoning of these learned religious experts.

Did the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W not advise against Muslims raising their voice while reciting Quranic verses if it brings discomfort to others?

So how could anyone out there still feel that Islam is under siege?

The whole issue after all does boil down to common sense, something which committee members of mosques and suraus would surely have in abundance, would they not?


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